Why DIY / Pinterest Brides need a coordinator the most!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

By: Faithful Plan - Wedding Planning & Coordinating

DIY Floral Geometric Wedding Arch Photos By: Karina Beseril Coordinating By: Faithful Plan

So you’re a DIY bride, you’ve spent your whole engagement crafting a Pinterest worthy wedding. You’ve handmade each sign, centerpiece, and trinket. You’ve slaved over making sure each minute detail is perfect. You’ve filled your home with wedding decor from floor to ceiling and can’t remember what your living room looked like before the mountain of boxed. You’ve done all the hard work and now all that’s left is to execute it.

Your options are to A be a helicopter bride over all the decorations the morning of your wedding, B hope and pray a volunteer group of friends will be able to capture your vision, or C hire a professional. Now let’s think logically through each of your options.

Option A, I have no doubt that a bride CAN decorate for her own wedding, but do you really want to spend your wedding morning, one of the most exciting days of your life, decorating. Wouldn’t the day feel more special if you emerge from your dressing room to a fully decorated venue? Plus not to mention that doing your own set up will push back time for hair and makeup and take away time for relaxation and pampering! With option A you also face the possibility that your venue is one that only allows you to enter the space a few hours before the wedding, do you really want to risk your makeup melting off or not looking fresh for the ceremony while you get everything ready? Probably not! The same goes for Option B, even if you have a group of friends who are willing to help decorate I guarantee that you will still be the one directing the show no matter how many checklist you made for them.

This leaves good ol’ Option C, hiring a professional. By hiring a Coordinator you don’t have to worry about decorating, in fact you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff like the timelines or if all your other vendors are on the same page. Your only worry becomes making sure you don’t trip going down the aisle. When you hire a coordinator their sole purpose in being there is to know how you, the bride, envisions the day going and then execute it the way you want it. I personally am a huge fan of DIY brides, I, myself was one and as a former DIY bride turned wedding coordinator trust me when I say you do not want to do it yourself! It takes away from all the magic of a wedding day. If you’re a DIY bride a highly highly recommend making the investment and getting a Day-of Wedding Coordinator. It will take away loads of stress and looking back you won’t regret it.

DIY Wedding Plate Setting Photo By: Karina Bersil Coordinating By: Faithful Plan

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