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Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator: Why you need both!


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Faithful Plan Wedding Coordinating Photo By: B. Simply

This post initially started off as an Instagram (@Faithful_Plan) rant. I was annoyed after just having had two different brides reach back out to me and let me know they where no longer interested in my services because their venue had an in house coordinator included. I was familiar with both of their venues and knew this wasn't the case and I was determined to set the record straight via social media (which is clearly the only reasonable way to do so). After posting I had a few Venue Coordinator friends of mine reach out and thank me for clarifying the difference for brides to be. In the Wedding Vendor world the difference is like day and night, but in the normal world not so much.

Wedding terminology can be confusing, so what's the difference between a Wedding Coordinator & a Venue Coordinator? The answer is, basically everything their jobs require from them. So here's a break down:

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First, a Venue Coordinator works for the venue. They're the person you meet when you tour the venue & sign a venue contract with. Their job is to over see all weddings that happen at the venue. They are pretty hands off in the months leading up to the wedding. The day of the wedding their job is to have tables & chairs set up and have the venue presentable and ready for guests. Their job is necessary because they know the venue and where everything is located on the property. They know where outlets are, where the DJ typically sets up, and different policies the venue has in place.

Bride & Groom Couples Portraits in a field. Photographer: Karina Bersil Videographer: Stone Heart Films
Faithful Plan Wedding Coordinating

Second, a Wedding Coordinator. Wedding Coordinators are hired separately from the venue as an independent contractor. They are hands on giving advice and tips throughout the planning process and help create the wedding day itinerary. They make sure the Bride & Groom haven't forgotten any small details like who will walk the bride's great grandma down the aisle and what time the toast will be at. They direct the rehearsal the day before and reach out to your other vendors to communicate directly with them. On the wedding day they help set up your personal decorations, like signs and other trinkets. They are the time keeper for the whole wedding party making sure everyone is dressed and ready on time as well as cuing each person in the wedding party when to walk down the aisle. They work closely with your caterer, photographer, and DJ to ensure everyone is in the right place so the ceremony, dinner, bouquet toss, cake cutting, and speeches all happen as planned. The Wedding Coordinator is even the point of contact for the Venue Coordinator in order to not bother the bride or groom.

Wedding Coordinators do all the things that Venue Coordinator doesn't do, and vise versa. The two are not the same, but with both working together your day will run much smoother. One to manage the venue & one to manage the wedding party & guests.

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