Professional Bridesmaid

Starting Price: $700

This is the ideal option if you need a reliable gal by your side. Maybe you just need one more bridesmaid and not necessarily a coordinator. As a professional bridesmaid and with my knowledge in the wedding industry, from both in the wedding party and as hired help, I can offer unbiased opinions, emotional support, and assistance getting your ideas and budget straight. I’m there to be the ideal bridesmaid when your others fall short. AND the best part is, day of, I’m there solely for you and not for the family drama, free drinks, or socializing with friends.

This service can be customized to fit your specific needs, but typically includes:

​Pre - Wedding:

  • Before any contracts are signed let’s first meet up to see if we are a good friendship match? 

  • Emotional support and planning input

  • Etiquette Tips

  • Peacekeeper

  • Dealing with family drama or a good ol vent session about the bridal party

  • Budget analysis

  • Vendor Referrals

  • Assistance creating a custom detailed and shareable day-of itinerary

  • Communication through phone calls, texts, emails, video chat, or whatever way you prefer.

  • Attendance ( and some input on planning, because I am one of the bridesmaids after all ) of the Bridal Shower, Lingerie Shower, or Bachelorette Party

  • Attendance of the Rehearsal & Dinner

Wedding Day:

  • Wrangling the other gals to get us to the get ready location, ceremony, photos, and reception on time

  • Keeping the bride on time

  • Handle any unexpected bumps in the road

  • Standing by your side for the ceremony