Lantern Centerpieces

  • 16 in total

  • Lanterns can be arranged with greenery and artificial flowers OR a with battery powered flame-less candle and no greenery. 

  • $10 per centerpiece

* A matching card lantern can be rented for $10

Chandelier Centerpieces

  • 7 in total

  • Each Centerpiece comes with a battery powered flame-less candle

  • Chandelier Centerpieces can be mix matched with Lantern Centerpieces for a cohesive look

  • $10 per centerpiece

Clear Vase Centerpieces

  • 18 in total

  • Vases come with a battery powered flame-less candle OR can be used to hold fresh flowers, artificial flowers, or other decorations

  • Dimensions: 8" tall x 6" wide

  • $4 per centerpiece